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Shuttleworth Video about CTD

Via Chris Coppola, a video of Mark talking about the Cape Town Declaration.


Cape Town Declaration Spoof Both Funny and Depressing

There’s a hilarious spoof of the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education on the iCommons listserv. Gave me a good laugh, and definitely worth a read.

I say hilarious, because the spoof really is funny. However, the spoof is also deeply disappointing because its subtext is a completely irrational, anti-sustainability mindset that is the single biggest threat to the success of the open education movement. Continue reading ‘Cape Town Declaration Spoof Both Funny and Depressing’

Cape Town, Day 1

Lots of great PR for the launch of the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education today! First off, lots of people carried the Press Release, including the The Sun Herald, Linux Magazine, Street Insider, EarthTimes, Yahoo!, and of course the Soros and Shuttleworth Foundations. Other coverage includes:

  • Jimmy and Rich had an op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • Scott Jaschik wrote a great article for Inside Higher Ed.
  • Peter Suber covered the launch, calling the declaration “a superb document.”
  • SEO/SEM Journal has a short piece.
  • ZDNET UK’s coverage asks whether or not the problems that have plagued Wikipedia are also in store for open education.
  • Bangkok’s The Nation carried part of the op-ed above.
  • Computing SA’s piece drew on existing material available above.
  • Tectonic has a nice piece with comments from Shuttleworth himself.
  • IT Web also covered the launch.

Philip has a good summary of existing commentary on his blog which is worth checking out. Stephen Downes provides plenty of pointers to the folks who find the declaration disappointing. Much of the negative feedback about the declaration has been a feeling that too few people were involved in its creation, and that a wiki format should have been used to involve a larger, more diverse number of voices. Those of us involved in creating Cape Town encouraged people who felt this way to make their own declarations and use this format. Unfortunately, the most active new declaration appears to be the Declaration on Libre Knowledge, with only one contributor so far. I hope that those who wrote so many pages of criticism of what they saw as a closed process with Cape Town will take that same energy and apply it productively to extending Kim’s declaration.

Cape Town Declaration on Open Education

Open Education - Cape Town DeclarationToday is the launch of the Cape Town Declaration on Open Education! There’s already been lots of commentary; I’ve blogged some of it before. (e.g., Stephen is among the critics.) I expect there will be lots more commentary now that the Declaration has actually launched. I’ll be doing my best to blog it all over the next several months.

If you haven’t signed the declaration yet please do so! You can encourage others with this banner:
<a href="" title="Open Education - Cape Town Declaration"><img src="" alt="Open Education - Cape Town Declaration" align="right" border="0" />

Cape Town Declaration on Open Education ButtonIf the banner is too big for your taste you can also use this little button. <a href="" title="Cape Town Declaration on Open Education Button"><img src="" alt="Cape Town Declaration on Open Education Button" align="right" border="0" /></a>

Responding to Criticisms of Cape Town

It wasn’t a question of whether or not Stephen would criticize Cape Town, just a question of when he would. 🙂 A response to several of his criticisms is in order. His final criticism is the crucial one, so I’ll start there first and then return to the beginning and work through the others:
Continue reading ‘Responding to Criticisms of Cape Town’

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